Elephant Refinery are showing the way when it comes to increasing sustainability throughout the entire precious metals supply chain. The demand for metals continues to rise, while the materials themselves are becoming scarcer. We recycle waste containing precious metals to create raw materials, so contributing to a circular economy.

Like to know more? We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the origin of our precious metals.

A significant role “We regard social accountability as a crucial matter. Our companies are involved throughout the precious metals supply chain, so that we have a truly significant role to play. It is wonderful that together with our partners and customers we are able to significantly raise awareness of the origins of precious metals! We also aim to continue to increase the sustainability of our sector. In order to achieve this it is important that we sit around the table with our partners in order to discuss ways in which change can be put into practical effect.”.

Responsible gold

Elephant Refinery works exclusively with precious metals from responsible sources: businesses and countries which respect human rights, the environment and biodiversity in the extraction of precious metals. Elephant Refinery only recycles precious metals from waste streams, and does not process gold from mines.