Dental gold

Over their years at Elephant Dental the current staff with Elephant Refinery have perfected their methods of working with dental waste. This is a specialist activity requiring technically advanced equipment and processes. Dental waste differs from old jewellery and the like because of the high level of contamination, for example from residual natural and ceramic dentition. The team at Elephant Refinery has also perfected methods to recover precious metals from plaster products and sweepings..

Replenishment of dental casting equipment

We offer DentsplySirona Prosthetics customers the opportunity to keep precious metals “clean and fresh” during processing. Casting materials consisting of alloys from the DentsplySirona range will be processed free of charge, provided they are not contaminated or mixed. Payment will be based on the intrinsic value of the alloy. The current market prices will be paid in full for the gold, platinum, silver and palladium included in these alloys.